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Mental health care

Mental health care Centers

The Center carries out consultation and prevention to improve mental health of Gangnam-gu residents.The Center provides a variety of mental health services for mental patients and their family members to return to the community and improve their quality of life.The Center hopes to lessen the prejudice against mental health patients and improve the recognition of mental health patients and ultimately, create a healthy environment.

Project recipients
  • Those that experienced or are experiencing mental disease, and their family members (basic livelihood security recipient and immediate upper level of the lower income brackets)
  • Gangnam-gu residents who desire to have mental health consultation
  • Children/youths having problems with their mental health, and persons concerned, such as their family members and teachers, etc.
  • Institution and public officer concerned: institutions related to mental health, medicine and social welfare in Gangnam-gu
Scope of project
  • General public consultation and mental health promotion project
    • Consultation and assessment of mental health problems
    • Lecture and program for promoting mental health according to life cycle: Postnatal depression, involutional depression, elderly depression, reinforcement of parent’s competence, etc.
    • Improving knowledge level concerning stress and depression and how to overcome it: Operating the mobile consultation room, mental health lecture and campaign, operating the homepage of the Center
  • Severe mental health patient management project
    • Providing 1:1 customized service to the patient with schizophrenia, recurrent depression, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, alcohol use addiction (support to his/her family members)
  • Direct service
    • Providing education on symptoms, medication, conducting individual management, preventing the recurrence, managing the stress
    • Rehabilitation program depending on individual service plan: Mental health education, social techniques/daily life training, cognitive rehabilitation training, social adaptation training, recruitment preparation education, leisure training, etc.
    • Education and counseling for eligible families
    • Linkage between untreated recipients and medical expense support (Temporary support for the recipients)
  • Indirect service
    • Medical institution, professional social rehabilitation institution and welfare resources, linkage to recruitment training facility
    • Mentor (volunteer) linkage and management
  • Children/youth mental health promotion project
    • Providing treatment and information through psychiatric consultation and assessment (※ Mental health consultation is available every 2nd and 4th Saturday morning of the month)
    • Providing ADHD screening test and consultation with the child having attention deficiency at 6-12 years of age
    • Providing mental checkup and providing support to healthcare expense to the vulnerable class
    • Providing exemplary management service to those who suffer from difficulty in learning and getting along with colleagues owing to mental disease since childhood

    1. Group Program

    • Group program for patients having childhood emotional disturbance and behavior disorder and his/her family members
    • Competence reinforcement program for parents who have children suffering from emotional disturbance and behavior disorder

    2. School mental health promotion project

    • Rainbow Mind School (extending the Good Mental Health Culture in school)
    • Operating the School Mental Health Consultation Room and CA
    • Mental health education in school: Students, parents, and teachers
Location and hours of operation of Mental Health Care Center
  • Address: 38 Ilwon-ro 9-gil, Gangnagm-gu, 3rd Floor (Ilwon-dong)
  • Phone : 02-2226-0344 / Web site:
  • Time : Monday ~ Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00