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Visiting health care

Operation of Home Health Care Center

For the local residents living in the district, professional medical experts specialized in home health care service to figure out a household with health-related problem and depending on demand, medical service is directly provided or requested for disease prevention, health management, and health promotion. Eventually, it provides comprehensive health management service while improving life quality by enhancing the self-health management ability among family members.

Project recipients
  • Target: A beneficiary of a basic standard of living, near poverty group, the elderly living alone, North Korean refugees, and multicultural family
  • Method: Health risk factors, health problems, and symptom control are assessed using health interview survey and health groups are classified depending on home health care service demand to provide health service through a home health care nurse.
Scope of project
  • Provision of home health care service
    • Health screening for family and family members and survey on home health care service demand
    • Registration and management after discovering and counseling a problem family
    • Improvement of health behavior, prevention of chronic disease and complication, and health problem management according to lifecycle
    • Provision of education, counseling, and information on health
    • Medical, welfare, and administrative support, other health-related connection, etc.
  • Home health care service
    • For the targets of the home health care service, the medical team visits a patient who is unable to visit a doctor due to movement problems.
    • Medical team: A doctor and nurse
    • Description: Medical examination and administration, test, counseling, health education, health related information
Rehabilitation management including basic rehabilitation service
  • It is a service provided for the target of home health care service, such as the frail elderly with decreased physical function and those with a stroke. It intends to minimize the aftereffect and develop the remaining physical function through rental of rehabilitation instruments and service that helps the service beneficiaries perform the daily life activities.
  • Department in Charge : Suseo Visiting Health Care Center 02-3423-7122 ~ 6
  • Home Health Care Service Center: Suseo center 02-2226-8820 ~ 3, Yeoksam 02-563-8820
Visiting Health Care Center
  • Suseo Center 02-2226-8820~3
  • Yeoksam Center 02-563-8820
  • Daechi Center 02-3454-1882~3
  • Samsung Center 02-3423-7262~6