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Pediatric health care

This Project is aimed at carrying out basic vaccination (to acquire artificial immunization ) at the proper time according to growth stages so as to prevent infectious diseases and maintain a healthy condition.

Infants Hearing Screening Test

  • Infants of low-income families with established residencies in jurisdictions of si·gun·gu (public health centers)
  • Residents with established residency in Gangnam-gu
Details of Supports
  • Expenses for Infants Hearing Screening Tests
  • If diagnosed as re-exam (refer) from the screening, supports will be given for personal deductibles for Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) Test.

Medical examination of infants belonging to low-income households

  • Infants below 6 y.o. who are medical aid beneficiaries(4, 9, 18, 30, 42, 54, 66 months)
Checkup procedure
  • Receive Health Examination Documents from the National Health Insurance Corporation – Make a reservation and visit a medical examination institution – Receive the examination and wait for the results notification
  • Designated medical institution in the community

Congenital metabolic disease test

  • Newborn baby at 3 - 7 days of age
Items tested
  • PKU, congenital hypothyroidism, Galactosemia, Maple syrup urine disease, Homo-cystinuria, Congenital adrenal hyperplasia(free of charge)
Blood collecting institution
  • medical institutions nationwide

Management of congenital metabolic diseases

  • Patient under 18 y.o. who is diagnosed to have congenital metabolic disease such as PKU, hypothyroidism, organic aciduria, etc. requiring specially prepared powder milk
Support method
  • PKU patient, etc.: Providing specially-prepared powder milk and low-protein foods
  • Health Guidance Team

Hepatitis B vertical infection prevention project

The Project is aimed at preventing vertical infection of the newborn baby who is born of a mother with Hepatitis B surface antigen Positive, and reducing infection by inhibiting the occurrence of chronic hepatitis B and consequent cirrhosis or liver cancer

  • Infant who is born of a mother with hepatitis B surface antigen Positive (including foreigner) - Throughout the year
Scope of support
  • Providing immunoglobulin (once) and vaccinations (3 times)
  • Providing free antigen/antibody testing (once) after completion of vaccination
  • Free vaccinations (3 times) and maximum two tests for the person whose antibody is not formed
Support method
  • Gangnam-gu Public Health Center distributes coupons to public institution engaged in supporting childbirth
  • Maternity clinics will distribute maternity ledgers and provide immunization information.
  • Recipients get vaccinated and undergo checkups using the coupons
  • The Public Health Center pays the inoculation expenses based on the coupons submitted by the institutions engaged in childbirth or inoculation institution

Health Management of Low Birth-weight Infants

For Whom
  • Premature infants, registered in Kangnam-gu, and whose birthweights were lower than 2,300g.
Supports Provided
  • Customized visiting care services by home health care specialists
  • Customized trainings for self-dependent groups of mothers with low-birthweight infants
  • Health Guidance Team( 02-3423-7105)