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Pregnancy care

Pregnant women management

Promote safe and healthy delivery and facilitate the health of both mother and embryo through proper management of women before and after childbirth. Schedule may change Classes will be operated according to registration Call 02-3423-7104 for registration and any inquiry

management services
  • Basic tests (carried out by the Public Health Center free of charge)
    • Pregnancy diagnosis (urine test)
    • 1 - 12 Weeks: Pregnancy test (blood and urine), rubella antibody test
    • 15 - 20 Weeks: Congenital anomaly test (Quad test), ultrasonic wave
    • 24 - 28 Weeks: Gestational Diabetes Screening
  • Supplying iron/folic acid/waist support(From 20th week of pregnancy to childbirth)
  • Motherhood Classes and Breast Feeding Classes
    • Delivery Process, Lamaze Birth Method, Breast Feeding, Post-natal Management and Newborn Baby Care, Post-natal Depression, classes are held throughout the year (For detailed schedule, please inquire any time)
  • Public Health Center, 1F Mother and Child Health Center

Special Management of married immigrant pregnant women

  • Married immigrant pregnant women residing in Gangnam-gu
  • Registration of pregnant women, and providing nutritional supplements

Childbirth Education for Multicultural Families

  • First and Second Wednesdays of September, 19:00~21:00
  • Pregnant mothers and husbands who are registered with Gangnam-gu Multicultural
  • Gangnam-gu Multicultural Families Support Center, Family Growth Room, Family Hope Room