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Clinical laboratory

Type of test Specific test Place
Biochemical examination Liver function, renal function, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia test, etc. 1F Primary Care Clinic
Blood test white blood cell, red blood cell, blood platelets, anemia, etc.
Urine test 10 categories in addition to diabetes mellitus
ECG test ECG 1F Primary Care Clinic
STD test Syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. 2F Infectious Disease
Control Room
AIDS test HIV antibody test 2F Examination Room
Pregnancy test Pregnancy test 1F Mother and Child
Health Center
Sputum examination Tubercular bacillus test 2F Infectious Disease
Control Room
Blood type test ABO and Rh 2F Examination Room
Hepatitis B test B-type antigen/antibody test 1F Reception
Tumor Marker Test Male AFP (Liver Cancer) 1F Reception
CEA (Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer)
CA19-9 (Pancreas Cancer)
PSA (Prostate Cancer)
Female AFP (Liver Cancer)
CEA (Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer)
CA19-9 (Pancreas Cancer)
CA15-3 (Breast Cancer)
CA125 (Ovarian Cancer)
Thyroid gland function test T3, freeT4, TSH 1F Reception

Radioactivity inspection/bone density test

Type of test Category of test Place
Radioactivity inspection X-rays (Chest) 2F Infectious Disease Control Room
Bone density test Lumbar, Femur Visit Radiology Room on the 2F or make a phone reservation( 02-3423-7214)