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Charged vaccination & adult vaccination

Information on charged vaccination and vaccination for adults

  • Place of medical service: Vaccination Center in Gangnam-gu Health Center and Public Health Center in Suseo(however, vaccination for hepatitis B is only available in Suseo Health Center. Closed on Thursday afternoon)
  • Service hour: 9a.m. ~ 6p.m. from Monday to Friday (lunch: 12p.m. ~ 13p.m.)
  • Inquiry: Vaccination Center in Gangnam-gu 02-3423-7223, 7224
  • Type of vaccination
Type Target Place
Hepatitis B A person whose result of antibodies test for hepatitis B in 6 months is negative Vaccination Center in Gangnam-gu Public Health Center
Typhoid (injection) A person who will travel to an area where typhoid is prevalent (one who is older than 5 years old) Vaccination Center in Gangnam-gu Public Health Center
Epidemic hemorrhagic fever A person who is in danger of being exposed to the disease, such as soldiers and farmers
Influenza A beneficiary of a basic standard of living, the disabled, patriots and veterans
Pneumococcus The elderly who is older than 65 years old (regardless of place of domicile)
Rubella (MMR) A mother-to-be whose result of rubella antibodies is negative (A mother-to-be or mother who is living in Gangnam-gu and is planning for her first child)

Precautions and prohibited matters related to vaccination

Precaution after vaccination
  • Check the body condition for about 20 ~ 30 minutes after vaccination in the health center.
  • Do not drink, engage in intense exercise, and take a shower in the day of vaccination and be sure to take a rest.
  • Keep the vaccinated area clean and do not scratch.
  • Monitor the body condition for at least 3 days after the vaccination and consult a medical professional immediately if having a high fever and convulsion.
Prohibited matters related to vaccination
  • A person with previous experience of severe allergic reaction after vaccination (anaphylaxis, etc.)
  • A person with severe allergic reaction on vaccine components (anaphylaxis, etc.)
  • A person with acute febrile illness, acute or active cardiovascular disease, liver disease, renal disease
  • Less than 2 months after recovery from measles, chicken pox, mumps, etc.
  • A person receiving immunosuppression therapy (steroid, radiotherapy, etc.)
  • A person who had gamma globulin, serum injection, or transfusion in recent 3 months
  • A person with immune deficiency disease
Inoculable case
  • A person with no fever or light acute disease with slight fever (cold with no fever, light disease)
  • A person with slight or moderate fever after vaccination
  • A person in recovery phase of a disease