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National cancer screening

The Project is aimed at having low income and high-risk groups save medical expenses and maintain a healthy life by detecting diseases and treating at an early stage.

  • Medical-aid beneficiaries and health insurance subscribers, 50% at lower group
  • Stomach cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer
National Early Cancer Screening Test, 5 Major Cancer Screening Program
Type Recipients Checkup Cycle Checkup Method
Stomach cancer Adult over 40 y. o. 2 yrs. Gastroscope or UGI Biopsy
Liver cancer Adult over 40 y. o., high-risk group
(person who is confirmed to have cirrhosis, hepatitis B virus antigen or hepatitis C virus antibody-positive)
1 yrs. Liver ultrasonography Serum α-fetoprotein test
Colon cancer Adult over 50 y. o. 1 yrs. Fecal occult blood test
(When any sign is detected proceed to Colonoscopy)
Breast cancer Female over 40 y. o 2 yrs. Mammography (MMG)
Cervical cancer Female over 30 y. o 2 yrs. Pap smear test
  • Cancer screening ticket received from the National Health Insurance Corporation, ID card