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Medical examination for medical aid recipients

General medical examination

The Project is aimed at introducing general medical examination for medical-aid beneficiaries whose health is vulnerable, early detection of chronic disease and health risk factors, and, thereby, promoting better health through repeated treatment and management.

  • Household members aged 19 - 39
  • Household members aged 41- 64 and other applicable household members
  • (Age 40 is the turning point in life; For seniors over 65 y. o., the Medical Examination under the Welfare of the Aged Act shall apply)

Mid-Life (Turning Point) Medical Exam

The Project is aimed at early discovery/ treatment/management of major chronic diseases and health-risk factors through customized medical examination according to sex, age, etc. for the residents who face med-life (turning point), and thereby accomplish health promotion of the residents.

  • Medical aid beneficiaries aged 40
  • Medical aid beneficiaries aged 66