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Overseas Travel Clinic

  • Native and foreigner who plans to travel abroad
Medical service
  • Malaria
    • Required when traveling to Southeast Asia, tropical Africa, Central and South America, and Middle East area
    • Recommended to take preventive medicine 1 ~ 2 weeks before travel
  • Typhoid
    • Typhoid-infected area: Mainly required when traveling to Southeast Asian countries
    • Recommended to receive a vaccination month prior to planned travel
    • ※ It is possible to check the information on contagious diseases as well as disease prevention in countries to be traveled through the homepage of 'Travelers Health Information - ' Depending on travel area, prevailing disease varies; however, malaria, typhoid, cholera, and yellow fever are most frequently reported.
    • ※ It is difficult to answer for the items besides the ones promoted in the Health Center, so please contact the quarantine station in Incheon International Airport (032-740-2703) or National Medical Center(02-2262-4741) for further information.
  • 2nd floor Infectious Disease Control Room( 02-3423-7227)