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Branch Office Treatment Information

Primary health examination
  • Examination focusing on chronic adult disease, interview-based medical examination and prescription for internal disease, clinical test, health counseling
    ( 02-3423-7172)
Dental care for the disabled
  • Preventative dental treatments (Scaling, fluoride treatment, etc.), early stage dental disease treatment
    ( 02-3423-7176)
Oriental medicine
  • Health examination, prescription of herbal medicine, acupuncture, health counseling
    ( 02-3423-7181)
Physical Therapy Center
  • Thermotherapy, electrotherapy, rehabilitation exercise
    ( 02-3423-7183)
  • National mandatory immunizations for infants (BCG excluded), pneumonia vaccination for senior citizens, hepatitis B vaccination for adults
    ( 02-3423-7179)
Clinical test
  • Chronic disease test, tests for hepatitis A, tests for hepatitis B, tumor marker test, thyroid gland function test
    ( 02-3423-7172)