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Tuberculosis Treatment

  • A person with symptoms related to respiratory system (cough, sputum, bloody sputum, or hemoptysis for more than 2 weeks)
  • A person who lives with or previously lived with a Tuberculosis patient (especially, a sputum-positive patient)
  • A person who was diagnosed of abnormality in other medical organization
  • A person who wants to test for tuberculosis
  • A person who was notified as a possible tuberculosis patient in the Military Manpower Administration and private clinic & hospital
  • High risk tuberculosis group (diabetics, alcoholics, HIV patients, vagrants, etc.)
Medical Service
  • Chest X-ray and sputum examination
Follow-up Management
  • For a person with abnormal result, start the treatment after registering in the Infectious Disease Control Center
  • 2F Infectious Disease Control Room( 02-3423-7227)