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Oral health care

  • All residents over 15 y. o.
  • National Health Insurance ID or Medical Aid Certificate
Scope of Primary Healthcare
  • Acute periodontal disease treatment
  • Simple extraction of tooth (including extraction of deciduous tooth)
  • Simple cavity at early stage (Amalgam filling)
  • Note: Only for recipients of medical aid who are residents of the community (basic livelihood security recipient)
Diseases excluded from the scope of healthcare
  • Endodontic treatment
  • Surgical extraction (Dental root treatment, wisdom tooth)
  • No insurance treatment (resin, prosthodontic treatment, etc.)
Scope of Preventive Healthcare
  • Dental sealant: Baby tooth and permanent tooth, back tooth, etc. (children below 14 y, o. who are basic livelihood security recipients) and those in the lower income brackets (immediate upper level), multi-culture families in the community
  • Fluoride gel application: Children over 5 y. o. and all elementary schoolchildren
  • Requirements: Toothbrush
  • 1F Oral Health Center