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Floor information

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How to use the service

  1. Report Food and Public Sanitary Businesses
  2. Metabolic Syndrome Management
  3. Pregnant Mothers and Infants Nutrition Counseling
  4. Immunization
  5. Maternity Care
  6. Tuberculosis Counseling and Exam
  7. Infertility Procedure Support and Counseling
  8. Medical Expenses Supports for Premature Babies and Congenital Malformation Children
  9. Quit-smoking Decals Distribution
  10. Medical Expenses Supports for Cancer Treatments
  1. Quit-smoking Counseling and Clinic
  2. Opening Medical Institutions, Pharmacies, etc.
  3. Primary Care (Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy)
  4. Dental Care (Appointments Required)
  5. Oriental Medicine Care (Appointments Required)
  6. Medical Reports(1)
  7. Medical Reports(2)
  8. Bone Density Examination
  9. Cancer Marker Examination /Thyroid Gland Function Test