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The government treated patients to eradicate tuberculosis by developing the integrated tuberculosis treatment and control, true to the name chosen by the state.

Primary Areas of Interest

Infection Prevention
  • Early Detection of Patients
    • Expansion of health examination services for blind areas (socially disadvantaged classes, high risk groups, social welfare facilities users) and students.
    • Strengthening of contact surveys and epidemiological surveys (group facilities, patients family examination)
    • Thorough tuberculosis examination for group facilities (daycare centers, schools, workplaces, social welfare facilities, etc.)
  • Thorough treatment management
    • Patients treatment and management support (district private medical facilities, socially disadvantaged class, contagious tuberculosis patients)
      • Establishment of tuberculosis monitoring system and efficient patient follow up treatments through encouraging private medical institutions to report tuberculosis patients.
      • Improve the success rate of patient treatments through registering all patients in the district and thoroughly managing lists of individuals who withdraw from treatments and move out of the district.
    • Strengthened management of contagious tuberculosis patients (multiple drug resistant and noncompliances)
    • Strengthened tuberculosis in socially disadvantaged classes.
Outbreak Prevention
  • Strengthened Latent Tuberculosis Infection Control
    • Expanded tuberculosis contact survey
    • Strengthened examination for tuberculosis high risk groups
    • Strengthened management of latent tuberculosis infection treatment subjects
  • Vaccination
    • Increase immunized population through promotion of infants BCG vaccinations.
Tuberculosis Prevention Campaign and Information
  • Tuberculosis Prevention Day Campaign and distribution of informational materials.