Gangnam public health center will do our
best for your health develop.



Health Administration Division

This department is responsible for such administrative tasks of the public health center as budgeting, accounting, human resource, service, and building maintenance.
Additionally, this department organizes medical tour programs which provide premium medical services exclusively for foreign visitors.

Food and Public Sanitation Division

This department is responsible for such food management tasks as food hygiene, food safety, public sanitation and places of origin, and licensing and approvals related thereof.

Public Health Division

Do you need a health guidance counselor? We, the Department of Public Health, will become the health guidance counselors of Kangnam-gu residents through, health promotions, epidemic preventions, and home visiting health services.

Medicine and Pharmaceutical Division

This department promotes healthy medicine and pharmaceuticals administration by providing high quality medical services and excellent pharmaceuticals through strict and rigorous supervision and guidance of medical institutions and pharmacies.