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Free Fluoride Treatments for Children

Free fluoride treatments are administered to children to improve children’s dental health.

Denture Supplementation Project for the Elderly

Aimed at conducting oral health checkup for the elderly, who are basic livelihood security recipients; those who cannot eat well because they have no teeth; providing denture supplementation service so that they can recover their oral function and maintain healthy life.

Free tooth filling project

Aimed at conducting preventive treatment by providing filling at the occlusal surface of the teeth for children vulnerable to dental carries to accomplish good oral health and secure balanced health in the public 

Fluoride treatment and scaling for senior citizens

Free fluoride treatment and scaling are available for senior citizens to prevent further development of gum disease, tooth decay, and chill and sensitive teeth.


Oral Health Team ( 02-3423-7218), Dental Clinic for Disabled ( 02-3423-7176)