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This is aimed at the early discovery of HIV-infected patients through routine diagnosis of vulnerable class to infection and the diagnosis of those who want to be checked. Some fail to be examined for fear of being exposed, and consequently fear that they may spread the disease to others who do not know that he/she is infected. For this reason, the Center conducts tests anonymously free of charge.

AIDS Symptoms
  • Within approximately one month since infected with HIV, some infected patients (about 30-50%) may have a specific symptom, such as weight loss (by 10% from average weight), ill-defined chronic diarrhea, fever, recurrent dry cough, rack monster, etc. that may appear in the other disease groups.
  • With a specific symptom during the acute period of infection or silent infection, it is difficult to detect whether one is infected with HIV or not. If in doubt, it is necessary to check it through a test.
  • AIDS symptoms appear even during the period of silent infection or 10 years on average since infected with HIV
  • During the period of silent infection, there is no specific symptom. Unless the patient gets tested by himself, he can have unknowingly infected others through sexual intercourse, etc
  • If it becomes the last stage of infection, unknowingly without any treatments, the immune system is destroyed and then opportunistic infection caused by a variety of viruses and parasites not appearing from uninfected persons (pneumonia, tuberculosis, Oral candidiasis, herpes zoster, etc.) and malignant tumor may occur.
How AIDS spread
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Transfusion of infected blood
  • Joint use of infected injection needle
AIDS Anonymous Test
  • At the patient’s wish, an anonymous test can be done. The applicant can use test serial number or false name to have the test and confirm the result.
  • It is aimed at having people vulnerable to infection go through an exam so as to prevent the spread of the disease to others
Protection/support to infected patients
  • Conducting epidemiologic survey of infected patients and keeping strict confidentiality or privacy
  • Being aware of the infected patient’s address, any change in personal circumstance, and other relevant information
  • Keeping thorough report on the patient (when the applicant is proved to be the patient)
  • Infected Patient Support Center operates the AIDS Resting Place supporting the sanitarium and hospice
  • Supporting AIDS related fee
  • Operating Medical Institution Infected Patient Consultation project
Strengthening group-prevention education activity
  • Extending professional education for training the lecturer who is engaged in the medical profession (doctor, nurse, health teacher, medical laboratory technologist, etc.)
  • Reinforcing professional education suitable for the vulnerable class to infection (STD medical exam recipients, homosexual, etc.)
  • Extending preventive education suitable for the characteristics according to age and group, such as, working youth, soldier, students, etc.