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This is aimed at preventing the occurrence of STD and reinforcing the treatment against STD patient so as to build up the individual health and prevent its propagation to others.

Free Treatment for STD(sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Disease occurrence: syphilis, gonorrhea, NGU
  • Scope of service: One who is proved to be infected with STD in the Center is treated F.O.C
Individuals eligible for medical examination and medical examination items and frequencies for sexually transmitted diseases and acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
Persons requiring medical examination Frequency of diagnosis
Serum test (Syphilis test) Other STD test AIDS test
1. Persons engaged in special type of business Once/6 months Once/6 months Once/6 months
2. Entertainment hostesses, etc. Once/3 months Once/6 months Once/3 months
3. Female employees of massage parlors Once/3 months Once/6months Once/3 months
4. Individuals who work in businesses in which they can potentially infect many random people with STD or AIDS. Once/3 months Once/6 months Once/3 months
Managed Operation
  • Computerization of list of regular recipients through registration management; to induce recipients to get routine checkup
  • Blocking the factors of propagation through early discovery/treatment of STD-infected patients (General STD Infected Patients F.O.C Treatment Project)
  • Reinforcing promotion and health education concerning STD